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Your team at Explorer Kids Dental utilizes advanced technology to deliver optimal results safely and keep visits comfortable, convenient, and fun for the whole family! We also carry products to help strengthen homecare routines.

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We’ve got what small smiles need!

Digital X-Rays

Clear images in a jiff!

Who uses the word jiff anymore? The word is probably as unpopular as traditional x-rays in dental practices—not that they didn’t help dentists diagnose problems that weren’t obvious to our eyes alone, but updated digital x-rays have improved our visibility and reduced radiation exposure!

Along with reducing the radiation your child and our staff are exposed to by as much as 70%, digital x-rays are convenient because they can be taken from the comfort of the dental chair, then displayed on our screens for us to examine with you and your child.

  • Digital x-rays provide us with clear images within just a couple of minutes!
  • We put magnetic aprons around children to further limit radiation exposure.
  • Digital x-ray images show us the condition of enamel, roots, jawbones, & restorations.
  • Because they don’t require developing on film, digital x-rays are more environmentally friendly!

Panoramic X-Rays

Getting the whole picture.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends panoramic x-ray images for children around the ages of seven or eight. At these ages, their permanent teeth are starting to erupt, and we’d like to ensure they’re developing properly and spot potential abnormalities early.

Panoramic x-rays can show us whether your child has missing or additional teeth, the position of their teeth (whether they’re coming in at an angle or may cause crowding), the health of their temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and any cysts of growths that may be cause for concern.

  • Panoramic x-ray images are super easy, fast, & painless to capture.
  • The film is inside of the machine & it moves around your child’s head.
  • A panoramic view is needed before orthodontic treatment can begin.
  • Panoramic x-rays will also help us see whether wisdom teeth extraction will be necessary.

Intraoral Cameras

Even more imagery!

By now you might be asking, “Just how many images are necessary for dentists to take?” The truth is, the more we have from each angle, the more precise we’re able to be with diagnosis and treatment planning—that benefits everyone! Intraoral cameras help us in several ways.

The cameras are at the end of what we can call a magic wand, and they allow us to create an accurate record of the development of your child’s mouth, as well as their hygiene routines! The photos we take will be displayed for us to go over together.

  • The images snapped with intraoral cameras can be magnified up to 25 times!
  • This magnification helps us detect small issues before they become large.
  • Intraoral cameras supply us with the most accurate record of your child’s changing smile.
  • Being able to see the areas that need work can be very motivating for children.

Hygiene Tools

Help ‘em ace future visits.

We carry Oral-B® toothbrushes in our practice and are happy to give them to children at each visit. You can count on the bristles to be soft, because gum tissue and enamel don’t need a lot of force for plaque removal—in fact, hard bristles and brushing can damage both.

We also keep Waterpik® flossers in our inventory, because while there is a learning curve involved with these gadgets, they deliver comparable results to the traditional string floss, and once they get the hang of it, children often find them easier and more fun to use.

  • Please feel free to ask us questions about technique—we’re also happy to demonstrate!
  • We can give product recommendations on toothbrushes, pastes, rinses, & more.
  • Keep in mind that having the right tools is half the battle.
  • Proper technique + professional tools = your child’s dynamic infection-prevention duo.



Let’s capture their dental milestones together.

Contact your Roseville children’s dentists, Drs. Jeff and Candy McComb at Explorer Kids Dental today to build your child’s smile portfolio!

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