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At Explorer Kids Dental, we enjoy making your child feel confident not just in their smile, but their ability to care for it. When they excel, we’re just the support team—and that’s all right with us!

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Baby Teeth

Setting the stage for adult teeth.

The misconception that baby teeth aren’t very important because they’re temporary has been around for a long time, requiring dentists to correct the record fairly regularly. When baby teeth are properly cared for, there’s less chance of premature loss, which means fewer chances of adult teeth shifting as they erupt.

Along with premature tooth loss, habits like thumb sucking or prolonged bottle and pacifier use can create misaligned bites, which increase the likelihood of orthodontic treatment being necessary for your child. Developing strong oral hygiene habits from the beginning gives them the best chance of having a healthy, straight smile.

  • For newborns & infants, gently clean their gums after feedings with a warm, damp cloth.
  • Children like to copy what adults do, so give them a great example!
  • Make flossing & brushing fun with musical timers & reward charts.
  • Ask us for advice on breaking bottle and pacifier habits—we’re happy to help!
Baby Tooth Loss Infographic


What are they chomping on?

The word diet has a bad reputation because it’s usually associated with restriction and feelings of shame, but it’s meant to refer to what we regularly eat, for example: does your child have a diet high in fiber, calcium, and protein, or do they consume a good deal of sugar?

We don’t want you to feel interrogated when we ask these questions, but they help us determine which methods of prevention we should recommend and allow us the opportunity to provide you with more options. We understand meal prep and label reading feel like complicated chores for busy parents.

  • Diets high in sugar lead to more enamel erosion & inflammation throughout the body.
  • Swishing & spitting water can help your child reduce acidity in the mouth after meals.
  • Vitamins D, A, & K2 help absorb calcium in your child’s teeth & bones.
  • Visit ChooseMyPlate.gov for comprehensive information & their kids page for activities!
Veggies in the shape of a heart

Let’s work together to keep your child’s smile healthy!

Contact your Roseville children’s dentists, Drs. Jeff and Candy McComb at Explorer Kids Dental to learn more about how to empower your child through education.

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