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Caring for your children the
way we care for our own.

Welcome to Explorer Kids Dental! We're ready and excited to help your family embark on your adventure toward healthy and bright smiles.

Having a healthy smile comes easy when we are all working together.

We’ll equip your tool belt and reward your efforts!

Together, we make a troop that works toward the same goal: protecting your child’s smile, or bringing it back if it’s gone through a rough patch.


Drs. Jeff & Candy McComb

Husband & wife dental team

We’re family-focused and passionate in our roles as both parents and as dental care providers. We’ve been a team since we fell in love in dental school over 13 years ago, and along with our four children, we hope you’ll join our dental family!


Dr. Jeff McComb and Dr. Candy McComb are general dentists providing pediatric dental services.

Our Dental Practice Office Photos
Our Dental Practice Office Photos
Our Dental Practice Office Photos
Our Dental Practice Office Photos

Your child can look forward to our iPad stations and Interactive touch screen before exams.

Help yourself to coffee or water at our beverage bar.

Your child will receive a token for our Toy Prize Tower.

We love sharing smiles with our patients.

Will you share what made you smile?

Your feedback helps us as we continuously strive for excellency in all areas of our practice and seek to provide the most simplified and positive dental experiences possible. We’re thankful for you!

There's room in our
dental family for you.

The exceptional dental care your little one deserves should never be contingent upon whether they’re covered by insurance.

We think being part of a family means unconditional acceptance and support, and we operate under this principle in our practice, too. If you’re worried high-quality dentistry for your cherished little ones is out of reach budgetarily, we’d like to help you set that worry aside and tell you about our flexible financing options.


Is your child ready for oral health exploration?

Caring for your kiddo's smile may begin as a challenge, but we know you’re up for the task—and you’ve got us on your side. Schedule their visit today!


Some images shown are stock photos, not actual patients.

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