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At Explorer Kids Dental, we’re ready and excited to meet and care for your little one’s growing smile right around their first birthday! We look forward to helping them and supporting you through each phase of dental development.

Preventive Restorative Sedation Emergencies

Reach out to your dental education, prevention, & restoration team.

An ounce of this is worth a pound of cure.

We are proud of the high-quality care we provide and the way we make visiting the dentist positively memorable, but we know the most enjoyable dental experiences are wrapped up with good news that your child has successfully kept their mouth free from cavities and their gums healthy.

That’s why we practice prevention and teach children about the importance of a healthy smile in terms that make sense to them. It’s also why we celebrate their achievements—doing so keeps them motivated to keep up the good work!

Bringing their cherished smiles back.

Dental damage is something nobody wants to experience, and we know as parents that seeing your growing child experience it in any form just breaks your heart. Unfortunately, it can really interfere with their growth, too. Toothaches are one of the top reasons children miss school.

In addition to missed school, pain and sensitivity to heat and cold can alter their diet by making it difficult to chew, and impact their speech patterns. Catching problems early can help us prevent the worst of these domino effects.

Helping their visits go smoothly.

Sometimes, even when we understand a procedure is in the best interests of our health, having to undergo it can fill us with anxiety—children can be just as anxious and fearful, and in those cases, we’re here to help the whole family through the process with safe sedation.

We are experienced to provide nitrous oxide in our office and general anesthesia in the hospital so your little one doesn’t have to be afraid of visiting the dentist. In those cases, we’re here to help with safe sedation.

Emergency Care

There when you need us.

Oftentimes, dental emergencies can be traumatic and inconvenient. At Explorer Kids Dental, we are here to help with compassionate care and to provide on-call services after business hours.

Dental emergencies require acting fast, so we leave room in our schedules to accommodate urgent visits, and we have an after-hours emergency line. For a list of symptoms to look out for and ways to handle emergencies before you reach us, please review this guide.

Dental emergencies can include:

  • A severe toothache, cracked, or broken tooth
  • Bleeding, swelling, abscess &/or pus
  • Physical injury resulting in loose or knocked out tooth

Guide To Dental Emergencies

Your child’s smile brightens our day, too!

Contact your children’s dentists, Dr. Jeff McComb and Dr. Candy McComb at Explorer Kids Dental to schedule a visit and start sharing smiles today.


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